The Bezier curve renderer can distinguish between two different input data formats. This first example has the data passed in as 2 data points, the second one defining the Bezier curve to the end point. With this format, non-default axes renderers will require specifying the minimum and maximum on the axes.

    [[xstart, ystart], [cp1x, cp1y, cp2x, cp2y, xend, yend]];

This second example has the data broken out into 4 points, which will be assembled to define the Bezier Curve. With this format, any axes renderer can be used without explicitly specifying the minimum and maximum.

    [[xstart, ystart], [cp1x, cp1y], [cp2x, cp2y], [xend, yend]];

Here is an example using a date axis renderer with Bezier curves. The data looks like:

    [['01/01/2010', 6], ['02/01/2010', 9], ['03/01/2010', 8], ['04/01/2010', 3]]