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jQuery namespace to attach functions to jQuery elements.
jQuery function called by the user to create a plot.
Renderer to place labels on the axes.
A “tick” object showing the value of a tick/gridline on the plot.
A plugin renderer for jqPlot to draw a bar plot.
Renderer which draws lines as stacked bezier curves.
Plugin renderer to draw a x-y block chart.
Plugin renderer to draw a bubble chart.
Renderer to draw axis labels with a canvas element to support advanced featrues such as rotated text.
Renderer to draw axis ticks with a canvas element to support advanced featrues such as rotated text.
The default jqPlot grid renderer, creating a grid on a canvas element.
A plugin for jqPlot to render a category style axis, with equal pixel spacing between y data values of a series.
Data Renderer function which converts a custom JSON data object into jqPlot data format.
Plugin class representing the cursor as displayed on the plot.
A plugin for a jqPlot to render an axis as a series of date values.
The default title renderer for jqPlot.
Legend Renderer specific to donut plots.
Plugin renderer to draw a donut chart.
Plugin to make plotted points dragable by the user.
Legend Renderer specific to funnel plots.
Plugin renderer to draw a funnel chart.
Plugin which will highlight data points when they are moused over.
The default jqPlot axis renderer, creating a numeric axis.
The default line renderer for jqPlot, this class has no options beyond the Series class.
A plugin for a jqPlot to render a logarithmic axis.
The default jqPlot marker renderer, rendering the points on the line.
An axis renderer for a Mekko chart.
Legend renderer used by mekko charts with options for controlling number or rows and columns as well as placement outside of plot area.
Draws a Mekko style chart which shows 3 dimensional data on a 2 dimensional graph.
Plugin renderer to draw a meter gauge chart.
jqPlot Plugin to draw Open Hi Low Close, Candlestick and Hi Low Close charts.
Legend Renderer specific to pie plots.
Plugin renderer to draw a pie chart.
Plugin for putting labels at the data points.
The default jqPlot shadow renderer, rendering shadows behind shapes.
The default jqPlot shape renderer.
Theme Engine provides a programatic way to change some of the more common jqplot styling options such as fonts, colors and grid options.
Plugin which will automatically compute and draw trendlines for plotted data.
An individual axis object.
A straight dashed horizontal line.
A straight dashed vertical line.
Object representing the grid on which the plot is drawn.
A straight horizontal line.
Plot object returned by call to $.jqplot.
Legend object.
A straight line.
An individual data series object.
Plot Title object.
A straight vertical line.